Unfortunately, the antelope wasn’t a dik-dik

About a year ago, I saw on Fur Affinity* someone’s drawing of a dog-man inserting an antelope-man into the urethra of his enormous dong.

And I thought that was great.

It wasn’t the image itself; that’s not relevant to my interests at all. But that one picture has stuck in my mind, above all the odder/scarier ones I’ve seen on FA before and since, because when I saw it it suddenly and so utterly brought home to me the realisation that no matter how odd your fetish, the internet’s got you covered. I don’t want to see ungulates shoved down giant cocks myself, but I think it’s just brilliant that the internet can bring people together that way.

Imagine if you did have a fetish for dog-people pushing other animals up their dicks. Without the internet, what would you do? You’d have to draw it all yourself, wouldn’t you? Even if, say, your neighbour liked it too, how would you find out? Because how do you bring that up in conversation? But thanks to the internet, you can just search for ‘anthro cock vore’ and find works by people who are just like you!

Because of this, I found myself oddly elated at the the sight of a picture that was so unsexy to me that it made me mingecringe. I hope you found someone else who enjoyed your artwork, anonymous ungulates-in-massive-penises artist.

*An art gallery site that focuses on furry/anthro, notorious for allowing upload of just about any art that isn’t child porn or hate speech, and whose userbase does very little to demolish the popular stereotype of furries.