Not puns

Even more annoying than the terrible pun is the pun that is not actually a pun.

‘May the birds be with you’ proclaims the advert for the Angry Birds/Star Wars crossover. What? ‘Birds’ doesn’t even slightly rhyme with ‘force’. That’s not a pun. That’s literally just saying ‘birds’ instead of ‘force’. You helmets.

Do you remember last Christmas’s Pringle tins? ‘Merry Pringles’? Not Merry Crispmas, not Pringle Bells. Merry Pringles. What the bloody fuck?

I blame the Smurfs. The Smurfs would be 14% less shite if they learned what a pun actually is. It’s not just replacing an arbitrary syllable with ‘smurf’ (‘Smurf-xactly’, ‘You smurfed with the wrong girl’). Smurf it up your urethra.